what our alumni say about us


"The classical drawing workshop is great for beginners  - they share what they know and they give you the space and time to build your confidence and skills. It's perfect for us who are really find art such a scary and vulnerable thing to do...we have the space and opportunity to work and draw and create!"


Took courses in: Classical Drawing, Decorative Painting, Paint Effects courses


"I took the classical drawing workshop and it really helped me see things better. The classical method is a very good foundation for beginners and a valuable supplement for those who already have a background in art. "

-Stephanie Victoria Tan (Watercolorist), took the Classical Drawing course


"Sir Alfred makes learning drawing enjoyable. You don’t need any artistic background at all. All you need is an open mind and willingness to learn. He’s very warm and not critical so there’s no fear of being harshly judged. At the same time, you wouldn’t believe you could actually draw. "

-Jas Ancheta (Interior Designer) took the Classical Drawing course


"I took classical drawing back in 2014 to learn more about the correct lighting and proportions since I was struggling with those techniques. I learned so many drawing techniques after I finished the session plus it helped me pass the drawing test in my USTET exam. Now I'm learning oil painting to help me with the college drawing course that I am going to take." 

-Chloe Gaw (Student) took the Classical Drawing course


"Great Mentor.
Great Place.
Great Learning experience."

Josephine Salvador (Art Instructor,Gallery owner) took the Classical Drawing, Traditional Oil Painting and the Apprenticeship program courses.


"I started my apprenticeship at Galvez Atelier in 2014. In just the first few hours that I've been there, I was able to learn so much about art in depth. The lessons that I had taught me a lot; it was far-reaching in different areas and specialization of art, and each area of expertise was explained in detail. This is a one-on-one mentorship with Sir Alfred Galvez himself instructing the students. Look at the progress pictures of students there, and you'd see how drastic the improvements are. By remaining faithful to the classical method of teaching art, Galvez Atelier remains as the top atelier in this country. As someone who has enrolled in numerous art workshops and summer classes before, no other art school comes close. True to its name, Galvez Atelier is really an atelier, and here you will learn the foundations of classical drawing and painting before  advancing to more specialized lessons. Sir Alfred Galvez of Galvez Atelier also trains students to join in art competitions. And just this year, many who took the Talent Determination Test under sir Alfred's mentorship were able to ace it - with flying colors. Join us, and you'd see many individuals who have gone so far from where they started"

-Wanda Totanes (Student, Phil. Science High School) took the Apprenticeship program course


"The classical workshop i did this April 2018 with sir Alfred Galvez was superb. From basics to masteral level in just few sessions, i was able to do them by his phenomenal teaching. Starting with lines to shadow shapes, the chiaroscuro to mixing the colors in respective way. But what i love the most is that he knows how to set art/painting in his great example that we quickly absorbed, which i was most encouraged and grateful. I highly recommend Galvez Atelier for aspiring artists that need and want to improve, learn and explore the art world. 5 thumbs up!"

-Ven Ly Uy (Entrepreneur) took Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting intensive class


"Galvez Atelier is both a studio and a home (literally and figuratively)! The instructors are professionals in the field of arts and are very passionate in teaching— they will hone your skill and encourage you to always do better until you are the best!"

-Rosden Neri (University of the Philippines Fine Arts student) took the Classical Drawing program


"The Classical Drawing & Oil Painting Workshop April3-30'18 in Davao @ the fabulous Morning Light Gallery, save heaven for Artists of all ages, genres & crafts was brilliantly conducted by Alfred Galvez.
With ease & placidity, wits & humour Alfred Galvez created an amazing learning - working - succeeding atmosphere. His easy to attend to technical instructions were methodically building up from fundamentals of drawing to the advanced level of oil painting according to the classical canon. Alfred Galvez's drawing & painting demo's where awesome to watch, illuminatingly educational & highly motivating.
With experienced eagle eyes his individual guidance was patiently straight to the point, reminding & correcting. The students were able to recollect confidence & joy, to relax & find independent control over their works. During the intensity of this course, it was also exciting to notice how quick observational abilities can change & deepen to significantly improve the works. En passant Alfred Galvez provided valuable knowledge regarding classical & contemporary Fine Art's & it's History in general. All student's results turned out remarkably skilled while still bearing an astonishing personal authenticity. A training full of surprising, equipping & sustaining experiences! "

-Carola Wedekind (Artist) took the Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting Intensive class, Decorative Painting and Paint Effects courses.


"After graduating from high school, I had the desire to study art but I was not able to do it. Now, I am a retiree, my passion of painting in a canvas is completely fulfilled by Galvez Atelier. A lot of thanks to all my art teachers who patiently taught me to do art from scratch. They made my wish to be an artist come true!"

- Christie Tan (Retiree) took Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting Courses, also took Paint Effects.


 " 'I believe in raw human talent but I have a stronger belief in diligence and discipline'

It is easy for many artists to fall into the pit of creating visual art by pure expression. Just grab a brush, fill an empty canvas, brand the piece with a title composed of a few hyphalutin words and voila! You have just created your first masterpiece. But of course, that is not how things work. Or at least, that is not how I personally see things work. Nothing stands firm without good foundation. 

My first encounter with Galvez Atelier was when I enrolled for the Decorative Arts workshop. I am currently studying interior design and it was natural that I feel invited to take decorative arts classes. I had a really great experience with the class which made me decide to further pursue my art studies under Sir Alfred Galvez. I took every opportunity that Galvez Atelier offered and I also enrolled in the Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting classes. I could say that the whole series of experiences was transformative. I have learned how to see things in a different manner, philosophically, literally, and creatively. I have learned that that is how art should be. In creating art, being expressive is one thing. Being creatively expressive along with being disciplined, developing a method, proper application of techniques, and utilizing knowledge on design and composition is way better. An artist who can create is a good artist but an artist who can see, think, and create is the best.

Learning art under Galvez Atelier was fun and fulfilling. If I would express my experience in bisaya, I would confidently say, “kani!” (“Eto!”) Aside from the fact that Sir Alfred is friendly (and on a personal note, funny. Hehehe), he also has this innate gift, a way of making learning art easy. Lastly and most importantly, as a proud student I have witnessed his sincerity and dedication in making his students learn. And that, for me, is an undeniable mark of a true maestro."

-Emil Andy Salcedo

(Interior Design student) took Decorative Painting, Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting Intensive class


"What makes Galvez Atelier an exceptional school suitable for artists both beginners and professionals is that they bring you back to the very core foundation of traditional realism. I can attest to their methods being comprehensive and in a relaxed atmosphere where students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. It's a very good choice for those wanting to hone their craft and build a strong base in art, whatever the creative field he/she may wish to undertake."

-Angelica Regala (Graphic Artist) took Classical Drawing, Traditional Oil Painting and Apprenticeship program.